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Cocktail Name Recipe Source Glassware IngredientsTimes Tasted Times Listed Tasted?
151 SwizzleHome Bar Basics (3rd ed)collins glasssimple syrup, Angostura bitters, 151 Demerara rum, ...10
1846 CocktailThe Canon Cocktail Bookcoupe glassAngostura bitters, quinquina, bourbon whiskey, ...01
18th CenturyDeath & Co: Modern Classic Cocktailscoupe glassarrack, lime juice, white crème de cacao, ...00
19th CenturyDeath & Co: Modern Classic Cocktailscoupe glassbourbon whiskey, white crème de cacao, quinquina, ...00
202 StepsDeath & Co: Modern Classic Cocktailsdouble rocks glassorange bitters, tangerine, bourbon whiskey, ...00
20th CenturyDeath & Co: Modern Classic Cocktailscoupe glassLondon Dry gin, white crème de cacao, lemon juice, ...00
6th Street SwizzleDeath & Co: Modern Classic Cocktailspilsner glassrhum agricole blanc, aromatic bitters, lime juice, ...00
A Matter Of ThymeThe Canon Cocktail Bookcollins glassthyme-Picpoul syrup, cachaça, lime bitters, ...01
A Wish For GraceSmuggler's Covecoupe glassverdelho madeira, rich simple syrup, lemon juice, ...01
Abricot VieuxSmuggler's Covecoupe glassapricot liqueur, cane AOC Martinique rhum agricole vieux, orange bitters, ...11
Absinthe FrappeThe Canon Cocktail Bookabsinthe glassDimmi, white crème de menthe, absinthe, ...01
Absinthe SuissesseHome Bar Basics (3rd ed)Georgian glassorgeat syrup, crème de menthe, half and half, ...00
AdonisHome Bar Basics (3rd ed)coupe glassAngostura bitters, amontillado sherry, sweet vermouth00
After All ImperialThe Canon Cocktail Bookcollins glassAmerican straight apple brandy, peach liqueur, dry sparkling wine, ...01
Agricole Guava CoolerSmuggler's Covecollins glassAngostura bitters, cane AOC Martinique rhum agricole blanc, guava soda, ...01
Air MailDeath & Co: Modern Classic Cocktails (and more)champagne flute (and more)brut Champagne, acacia honey syrup, blended aged Puerto Rican rum, ...01
Aka CobblerDeath & Co: Modern Classic Cocktailsdouble rocks glasssimple syrup, lemon, sherry, ...00
Aku AkuSmuggler's Covecoupe glassdemerara syrup, peach liqueur, pineapple, ...11
AlabazamThe Canon Cocktail Bookcoupe glasstriple sec, Angostura bitters, cognac, ...01
AlejandroHome Bar Basics (3rd ed)coupe glassheavy cream, chile liqueur, mezcal, ...00
1 of 46 pages (908 total)